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1 Bedroom - 508 E Healey St - Green Balconies Apartments

Sublease Time Period: Spring 2022 / Summer 2022

I'm looking for 1 sublessee (preferably female) in a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment for Spring 2022 + Summer (from January to the beginning of August) for $606/month (plus the electricity bill split between 4 residents, usually comes out to around $25 per person). This apartment's location is just a 2 - 5 minute walk from Green St, Bardeen Quad, and the nearest bus stop. Some of the included bonuses are a large Smart TV in the living room, a balcony, and in-unit laundry! You would be living with 3 other females, and share a bathroom with 1 female. Please contact me if you are interested, have any questions, or want to learn more.

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