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1 Bedroom - 505 E Healey St - Boardwalk

Sublease Time Period: Summer 2022

My subleased room will be back on the market starting mid-May and so will be available starting 16th May 2022 all the way into August 2022. The location is 505 East Healey Street, Champaign - right next to Green Street! It is a pretty ideal location because while you are close to Green Street you're also not inconvenienced by commotion or noise at all. You are right next to the new Target so grocery shopping becomes super convenient (County Market is also like 3 minutes away if you ever need it)! This also puts you right next to everything from McDonald's to Taco Bell to Legends and the rest of the best Green Street offers! It is also a just-over-5-minute walk to the ECE Building and it's surroundings, and like a 2-minute walk to the Illini Union and the Main Campus Quad, so getting to classes is a breeze. Additionally the Green and Sixth and the Wright and Healey bus stops are basically right next to the apartment, making any further commuting super convenient. Some great features available here include: Ample storage in the room itself with good closet space, 4 sets of wall shelf space, and 2 chests of drawers in-room Desk and chair included, along with a full sized bed and a large window with ample sunlight (or solid blinds depending how you swing :) ) In-unit Washer and Dryer that are housed in a dedicated cleaning room with sinks You will be sharing a bathroom with only one other (very clean!) roommate - there are individual sinks in the bathroom as well! Large open kitchen with a massive attached island (and dishwasher of course) - the entire apartment loves to cook too! Large living room space with 70 inch TV and a massive sofa set (and a PS5 that we all play on together!) Managed by JSM Living - very reliable company that have round-the-clock maintenance, pest control, etc. included in the lease The room's monthly cost is about $600 - $550 in lease rent itself, $30 for fixed utilities for water and internet and heating/temperature (all 3 unlimited/no cap), electric is handled by tenants but we have consistent bills around $30 even during these cold months. Since I will be completely emptying and cleaning the room out, i.e. you're getting it pretty much new, I would like for sublessees to cover this $600 amount. But I am also open to negotiation so feel free to reach out to me regarding this! Looking forward to hearing from interested folks! Take care and stay safe everyone!

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