Appliances Information


This information applies to you if your unit is equipped with a dishwasher.

To ensure proper cleaning, do not overload the dishwasher.  Only use detergents specifically designed for dishwashers. 

Caution: Do not use sink dishwashing liquid soap, this will cause the soap to foam up and overflow the dishwasher.  If you put improper cleaning liquid in your dishwasher, you will be billed for flooding and water damage that results.

Before starting, turn on the kitchen faucet until the water runs hot and then turn off the faucet.  This will ensure your dishes are as clean as possible. 


If you have an oven with the self-cleaning feature, you must remove the metal oven racks before setting the oven to self-clean


Please read through all the information, and contact us if you have any additional needs or questions.

No liquids of any kind should be placed on top of the dryer.  They could leak or spill and cause damage to the unit.  To ensure proper laundry cleaning, do not overload the washer.  This could possibly cause the washer to malfunction and leaks to occur.  No large or heavy items, such as rugs or comforters, should be laundered in the washer/dryer unit.  Large items could cause the washer to malfunction.  Be sure to clean the lint trap after every dryer load.




Refrigerators take 24 hours to reach the proper temperature degree for maintaining your food.  When cleaning the refrigerator, be sure to wipe the door seals and their adjoining surfaces to keep the seals from tearing.  When moving out of your apartment and turning off your power (see Circuit Breaker section) prop open the refrigerator and freezer doors to prevent mold growth.  Refrigerators with mold must be discarded and the cost of a new refrigerator will be charged to the resident.

Illini Manor and Armory Manor Residents Only

You do not have a frost-free refrigerator.  As needed you must periodically defrost your refrigerator.  Empty the refrigerator, turn it off and allow it to defrost.  Once the ice is completely melted, dry the refrigerator and freezer completely and turn it back on.  Do not use any object to chip off or scrape off the ice.  You could easily puncture the freezer, and would then be responsible for the replacement cost of the refrigerator.

Request Maintenance

Please use our online maintenance request form for all general requests.


Call us immediately if:

  • Water is leaking on to your floor from broken pipes or blocked drains.
  • Water is entering through the roof or windows.
  • Anything that will cause damage to the property if not immediately attended to.