Maintenance Fees

* Please note that the following problems will be dealt with by our maintenance staff and will incur additional charges.  All charges are subject to change without notice. *

After Hours Calls

Residents requesting after-hours emergency assistance for unnecessary or preventable maintenance will be charged a minimum $100.00 fee.  If needed, residents will be charged for materials and overtime labor in addition to the $100.00 minimum fee.


Residents are responsible for purchasing and installing their own shower curtain.  If the bathroom floor, baseboards, wall or adjoining apartments are damaged due to residents allowing water to run onto the floor and walls the resident will be responsible for the cost of all damages.

Circuit Breakers

As soon as you move into your apartment, you must switch your circuit breakers to the ‘ON’ position.  If you call maintenance to have your circuit breakers turned on you will be charged a minimum of $50.00.


If electricity is not included in the Utility and Service Fee in your lease, you must contact Ameren to arrange for electricity to be turned on in your name prior to the start of your lease.  If you call maintenance for lack of power due to non-payment you will be charged a minimum of $50.00

Damages and Repairs / Other Maintenance

Damages and repairs caused by residents or resident’s guests include but are not limited to holes in walls or doors, broken mirrors, windows, screens, furniture and appliances.  Charges for repairs are a minimum of $50.00 for the service call during weekday business hours plus cost of material and labor.  Unnecessary or preventable maintenance requested during regular business hours in an apartment will also result in a minimum $50.00 fee.

Fire Extinguisher

Replacement cost of discharged fire extinguishers by residents or resident’s guests will be charged to the resident’s account.

Furniture Storage

Residents may bring additional furniture into their apartments.  JSM cannot remove any of its furnishings from a unit, nor can we supply additional furniture.  Please do not store any JSM furniture on balconies or patios.  Residents will be charged to replace furniture that had been damaged from exposure to weather.

Garage Remotes - Batteries / Lost or Damaged Remotes (for spots with a parking garage)

Residents leasing a parking space in a parking garage are assigned a remote control after submitting a $35.00 or $50.00 (308 E. Armory & 902 S. Lincoln) deposit.  If the remote is lost or damaged, the resident will forfeit the initial $35.00 or $50.00 deposit and be required to submit an additional $35.00 or $50.00 deposit in order to obtain another remote from JSM.

The replacement of any garage remote batteries will be the responsibility of the lease holders. The replacement battery type is CR-2016 (watch battery). If JSM is requested to change the batteries at any time, a fee of $5 will be charged to the account and collected at the time of service.

Garbage Disposals (for apartments equipped with garbage disposals)

Garbage disposals are for soft food items only – discarding bones, bottles caps, rocks and/or other items not intended for the drain will cause the garbage disposal to malfunction. 

Should the garbage disposal fail to work, turn off the disposal, clear the drain of any foreign objects, press the reset button located directly on the garbage disposal and switch on the garbage disposal unit again.  Please complete an online maintenance request if the garbage disposal continues to malfunction.  Residents will be charged a $50.00 minimum fee for maintenance to reset the garbage disposal or remove foreign objects from the garbage disposal.  If extensive work is needed, residents will be charged for materials and labor in addition to the $50.00 original fee.

Garbage Pickup

Garbage must be disposed of by transferring trash directly from your unit to the garbage dumpsters or your building's trash chute.  In order to keep the common areas in good condition, do not leave any trash outside your front door even for a short period of time.  Any residents who leave trash outside will be charged a $50.00 service fee and an additional $10.00 for each bag of garbage removed.

Any personal property left outside an apartment will be disposed of immediately. 

Kitchen Sink

If your kitchen sink drain is equipped with or you purchase a grated sink plug, make sure you have it removed or in the open position when you are finished washing dishes or leave the premises.  If it is in the closed position allowing water to fill in the sink and the water overflows causing flooding and damage to your apartment or the apartment below, you will be held responsible for clean up and repairs to your unit and any other units affected by this.

Lock Changes

Lost keys require lock changes: front door = $75.00, mailbox = $30.00.  Please note $100.00 will be the minimum charge for any service that is done after hours.

Keys & Electronic Fobs

The cost to replace a missing key is $5.00.  If we do not receive all keys back from all roommates at the end of your lease term, you will be charged $75.00 for a lock change.  The cost to replace an electronic fob is $30.00.


Evening and weekend “lockouts” require JSM assistance.  Residents who are locked out of their apartments, or a bedroom or bathroom within the apartment, must contact JSM Emergency Maintenance and provide proof of occupancy to be admitted back into their apartment.

Please be aware that once a JSM employee is on his/her way to assist you, you will be charged a minimum $100.00 fee.  Fees can be higher depending on the amount of time and materials required.

When a JSM maintenance staff member or leasing agent enters your apartment they are required to lock and secure the apartment when they exit for safety reasons, regardless if the apartment was locked when entering.  Please be sure to always have your apartment door keys with you.  Should you lock yourself out for any reason you will be charged a minimum $50 lock out charge during office hours or minimum $100 after hours.     



Pets are not allowed in the apartments, common areas or parking lots of any JSM property.  Residents or guests that are bringing animals into the apartment or common areas are charged a fine of $100 per day for each day the animal is in the apartment.  

Refrigerator Damages

Do not store any unsealed food in the freezer.  Loose food and debris will clog the defrost drain and freeze up the fan, causing the unit to not cool properly.  Repairing the damage can become a costly expense.  The cost for materials and labor will be charged to the resident.

Toilet Stoppages

Clogged toilets are caused by residents or their guests.  Residents must plunge his/her own toilet. Plungers can be obtained at most drug stores, hardware stores and grocery stores.  Continuously pump the plunger to create opposing suction and force to clear the obstruction.

If you find your toilet overflowing, shut off the water by turning the water dial to the off position.  The dial is located on water pipes behind the toilet bowl.  After plunging and clearing the blockage, turn the water back on before flushing the toilet.

A $50.00 fee will be charged for the JSM maintenance staff to plunge the toilet.  If extensive work is needed, cost for any materials and labor will be charged in addition to the original $50.00.

DO NOT place foreign objects (i.e. – feminine sanitary products, paper towels, Q-tips of any kind, toilet paper rolls, etc.) down the toilet or drains other than what is intended for their use.  Repairing the damage can become a costly expense charged to the resident.

Washer / Dryer Damages

No liquids of any kind should be placed on top of the dryer.  They could leak or spill and cause damage to the unit. 

To ensure proper laundry cleaning, do not overload the washer.  No large or heavy items, such as rugs or comforters, should be laundered in the washer/dryer unit.  Large items could cause the washer to malfunction.

Please make sure there are no foreign objects in clothing that are put into the washer/dryer unit. Small objects (coins, bobby pins, etc.) can cause damage to the unit.

Any repairs required because of failure to adhere to the above listed instructions will be charged at a minimum of $50.00 and will be billed to the residents.