Unofficial St Patricks Day

Please have fun and stay safe! 

During Unofficial JSM will be enforcing its zero tolerance policy regarding dangerous behavior near or inside of our property as stated in your Apartment Lease Agreement and Rules and Regulations:

“Lessee agrees to obey all Federal, State and Local Statutes and Ordinances and Lessor’s Rules and Regulations while on or about the Leased Premises.  Lessee agrees that violating these Statutes, Ordinances, Rules and Regulations are grounds for eviction.  Lessee further agrees that he and his guest(s) shall not behave in or around the premises in a manner that places the building, personal property or other people in danger of injury or destruction or cause undue noise or disturbance.  If lessee or his guest(s) drop or throw anything out of the unit or over the building balconies, all tenants in the unit will be subject to eviction.”

Local and State Laws

Our local municipalities have imposed further restrictions for apartment residents and will issue citations and impose fines for: throwing dangerous materials, charging for alcohol and/or admission and disruptive conduct endangering public safety.  The State of Illinois recently revised social host laws.  If you host a party and underage guests possess alcohol or are drinking, you will be physically arrested and charged with a Class “A” misdemeanor.  If a person is injured or killed as a result of your party, even after they have left the party, you will be physically arrested and charged with a Class 4 felony.  Local law enforcement will be monitoring parties.

Local police departments encourage all residents to keep parties small and legal and not to allow uninvited guests to enter your premises. If guests refuse to leave after being asked, contact the police. In addition, the Champaign Fire Department will actively monitor balconies and will be fining for overcrowded balconies and for items thrown from balconies. Please review the information provided by the Police Chiefs of the City of Champaign, the City of Urbana and the University of Illinois regarding their policies for Unofficial.

Unofficial St. Patrick's Day Safety Information

Billing and Possible Eviction

In addition to billing building residents for damages and cleanup expenses, we may ban guests and evict residents for violating the lease agreement.  You are responsible for your guests’ behavior.  You are responsible for reporting damage as it is occurring. 

Call 9-1-1

Please be aware of alcohol poisoning, and call 9-1-1 if someone needs medical assistance. 

Property Damage or Dangerous Behavior

Contact police departments directly by calling 9-1-1, or calling Champaign Police non-emergency at 217-351-4545, Urbana Police non-emergency at 217-384-2320.  Report dangerous or destructive behaviors as they are occurring.  Security guards may be patrolling many of our locations and will contact the Champaign or Urbana Police Departments as needed.  Refraining from and reporting such behavior will help maintain an enjoyable living environment for all residents!