Electricity & Gas

All apartments except for units in buildings located at 307 E. Armory, 401 E. Chalmers, and 700/701 S. Gregory are required to maintain the power for the apartment in one of the resident's names for the entire term of the agreement. To set up your power, please contact Ameren IP (below). 

Ameren IP
(800) 755-5000
All apartments including 307 E. Armory and 401 E. Chalmers, use this number to report an outage.


700 and 701 S. Gregory residents, use this number to report an outage: 
Prairieland Energy - Only Gregory Place
(217) 265-0855
Your electricity is included in your utility and service charge.
You do not need to contact Prairieland Energy to set up service.

Landline Telephone Service

(800) 244-4444
(800) 451-2761


Illinois American Water Company
201 Devonshire Drive
Champaign, IL 61820
(800) 422-2782
*Residents of 1001 W. Clark, 1103 S. Euclid, 206 S. Sixth, 207 S. Fifth, 301 S. Water, 303 S. Wright, 304 E. Clark, 306 E. Clark, 308 E. Armory, 405 E. White, 406 E. Clark, 406 E. Stoughton, 507 E. White, 508 E. Stoughton, 510 E. Green, 510 E. Stoughton, 511 E. White, 512 E. Stoughton, 602 S. Lincoln, 604 E. Clark, 707 S. Broadway, 807 W. California, 808 W. Oregon, and 809 W. California must call the water company to begin service.

Cable TV 

303 E. Fairlawn Drive
Urbana, IL 61801
(800) 266-2278

Internet Provider

Pavlov Media
P.O. Box 25
Champaign, IL 61824
(888) 472-8568


Vehicle Towing

Reynolds Towing
1417 W Kenyon Rd,  Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 337-0913
(800) 242-8694
* Serves all JSM locations except University Lots D21, D22 and Krannert parking tenants.  These tenants can contact Reynolds Towing after UIUC Parking Dispatch hours end.  They will ask for a description of the vehicle to be towed and will ask to see your valid parking lease and a photo ID.

UIUC Parking Dispatch
(217) 244-5487
* Serves University Lot D21, D22 and Krannert parking tenants during posted U of I patrolling hours.

City Parking Permits

City of Champaign Parking
702 Edgebrook Drive
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 403-7050

City of Urbana Parking
Finance Department
400 S. Vine Street
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 384-2345

Request Maintenance

Please use our online request form for all general requests.

Online Maintenance Request Form »


Call us immediately if:

  • Water is leaking on to your floor from broken pipes or blocked drains.
  • Water is entering through the roof or windows.
  • Anything that will cause damage to the property if not immediately attended to.