Fire Emergency Guide

  1. A portable fire extinguisher is located in your apartment, most often in the cabinet below the kitchen sink. Please find the location of the fire extinguisher when you move into the apartment.  It should only be used in the event of an emergency.  Once a fire extinguisher has been engaged it is no longer good for repeat usage.  You will be responsible for the cost of a replacement extinguisher should the one in your apartment be used.  Directions for the use of the fire extinguisher are located on the extinguisher and should be reviewed by each tenant periodically.  If the fire extinguisher has lost it’s ‘charge’ (there is a gauge on the extinguisher) please contact JSM Management as soon as possible, and a new extinguisher will be provided.

  1. Smoke alarms are provided in each apartment, usually located on the ceiling in the living room area.  If the smoke alarm beeps once every minute, it is indicating a low battery.  Please replace the smoke alarm battery.  If the smoke alarm sounds a constant, loud alarm, it has detected smoke and you should check the apartment and call the fire department if there is an emergency.

  1. ALL BUILDINGS WITH ELEVATORS: If elevator service is interrupted during a fire and you and/or your guest need assistance exiting the building, you should go to the nearest stairwell landing. These areas are considered by fire departments to be an area of rescue assistance. Fire fighters are trained to check stairwells first when responding to a fire.



700 S. Gregory Residents ONLY: In addition to using the stairwell landings, you can also utilize the rescue assistance alarm button that will alert the fire alarm company that an individual(s) is/are waiting in that area.

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