Internet Support

Welcome to Internet Support! 
On this page, you will find the information you need to resolve issues and/or concerns you have in a timely manner
In most JSM buildings, internet is provided by Pavlov Media.  You can always call them for support at 1-888-4PAVLOV.

How to Connect
See your building's listing on this website or contact JSM to determine if your building includes internet service and whether it is wired or wireless.

 Connecting via Ethernet Support 
 Connecting Wirelessly Support 

Green Street Towers

Green Street towers is an Ethernet building provided with the highest capacity hardware available!  Internet speeds in your apartment up to 1Gbps! This makes it the fastest internet available in a residential building in the country! For more information, click HERE

Ethernet Buildings
All Ethernet buildings will include Ethernet jacks in the apartment.  Each building connects directly to a 1Gbps fiber optic cable! To receive a wireless connection in your apartment, you must purchase a wireless router and connect it via Ethernet.   The speeds you see will depend on what your hardware capacity is.  

Wireless Buildings

All wireless buildings will have a Pavlov wireless access point that you can connect to on your device the way you would connect to any other wireless network. To connect to the wireless via PC, you may need to purchase a wireless adapter

More Information

Many leases will provide internet service through Pavlov Media's Tesseractiv! Service will be provided as either wireless or ethernet. 

Tesseractiv™ features include:

  • Delivery of popular web content at up to 1000Mbps/1Gbps.
  • Much improved bandwidth efficiency
  • Improvement of video performance of content from Youtube, Google, Netflix and more!

Pavlov Media: 1-888-4PAVLOV

Please let JSM know if you have problems with you internet that have not been resolved!
JSM Champaign: 217-359-6108