Fitness Center

While living in select JSM locations, you get FREE exclusive access to the 3,000+ square foot Fitness Center! Please be sure to read the rules and regulations below. 

If you have any questions, please call our office at 217-359-6108 or for more information regarding the Fitness Center, click here!

*Without siging an official JSM Lease and reading the the Fitness Center Use and Release of Liability, you will not have access to the facility.*


Fitness Center Rules & Regulations Effective August 20, 2017

  1. In case of emergency, please dial 911
  2. Hours of Operation are 6 am – 12 am (midnight).  No one is allowed in the facility outside of those hours
  3. Proper clothing must be worn at all times
    1. Rubber soled shoes must be worn at all times
    2. No wet clothing allowed
  4. You are not allowed to bring guests into the Fitness Center.   To have access to the JSM Fitness Facility each person must be a current JSM Resident who has registered through the JSM Office by signing a JSM lease. In the lease, the Fitness Center Use and Release of Liability is included. I understand that my Fitness Center access will be removed if I provide gym admission to any non-resident.
    1. The Fitness Center has a secure entry
    2. If your Fitness Center fob or other access code is lost or stolen during your lease term, please come into our office at 505 S. Fifth Street, Champaign.  Replacement fobs if needed are $30.
    3. If any Fitness Center fob is not returned for any reason, at the end of your lease term, you will be charged $30.
    4. If you return your apartment keys, your gym fob must be returned at that time. If your fob is not returned with your apartment keys, you will be charged.
  5. Maintenance Requests may be submitted by calling our office at 217-359-6108
  6. Personal items may be stored in the lockers provided only while using the JSM Fitness Center. JSM is not responsible for stolen, lost, or damaged items.  Personal items must be kept from obstructing walkways, doors, entrances, and exits. Do not leave personal belongings behind.   JSM does not provide locks.  Any lock left on a locker after using the facility will be removed and the lock and the contents of the locker will be disposed of.
  7. No children under the age of 16 are permitted in the fitness room.
  8. The Fitness Center may be equipped with security cameras which may not be monitored.
  9. No smoking, alcoholic beverages, or food is allowed in the Fitness Center
    1. Beverages must be in a container with a lid
  10. No animals are allowed except for Service Animals that are registered with the JSM office with written documentation from a licensed health care professional
  11. Music is limited to devices with personal headphones
  12. After use of equipment, please wipe down with cleansing wipes provided
  13. Place all trash in the trash cans provided
  14. Do not remove anything from the Fitness Center
  15. Please report any damage, vandalism, or unauthorized users to the JSM Office by calling 217-359-6108