Pest Control

Please read through all the information, and contact us if you have any additional needs or questions.

Pest Control

Your apartment will be scheduled for preventative pest control service and inspection each month.  Additional problems may be handled by calling the office.

Monthly Service

The following chart shows the schedules of your monthly preventive pest control service & inspection.

Pest Control Day


First Monday

510 E. Green, Green Street Loft, 608 S. Sixth, Green Street Towers

First Tuesday

301 S. Water,  406 E. Stoughton, 408 E. Stoughton, 508 E. Stoughton, 512 E. Stoughton, 602 E. Clark, 604 E. Clark, 

First Wednesday

201 E. Healey, 303 S. Wright, 601-607 E. White

First Thursday 601 S. Sixth
First Friday 206 S. Sixth, 406 E. Clark, 505 E. Clark

Second Monday

102 E. Gregory, 203 E Stoughton, Lando Place

Second Wednesday 110 S. Gregory
Second Thursday 902 S. Lincoln
Second Friday 105 E. Chalmers, 107 E. Chalmers, 405 E. White, 408 E. White
Third Wednesday 1103 S. Euclid, 306 E. Armory, 307 E. Armory, 308 E. Armory, 401 E. Chalmers,

Third Thursday

302 S. Fourth, 403 E. White

Fourth Monday

501 E. Healey, 502 E. White, 505 E. Healey, 508 E. Healey

Fourth Tuesday

201 S. Wright, 502 E. John, 508 E. John

Fourth Friday

700 S. Gregory, 701 S. Gregory



Request Maintenance

Please use our online request form for all general requests.

Call us immediately if:

  • Water is leaking on to your floor from broken pipes or blocked drains.

  • Water is entering through the roof or windows.

  • Anything that will cause damage to the property if not immediately attended to.