Rules and Regulations

1. Lessee agrees that they and their guest(s) shall not behave in or around the premises in a manner that places the building, personal property or other people in danger of injury or destruction or cause undue noise or disturbance.  If Lessee or their guest(s) drop or throw anything from the leased unit, balconies, walkways, rooftops or other locations on any JSM property, all tenants in Lessee's unit will be subject to eviction. 

2. Guests causing damage or harm will be banned from JSM buildings and a list of these individuals will be emailed to all JSM residents.  Should Lessee allow banned individuals to enter JSM property, they will be subject to eviction. 

3. Lessee agrees not to bring any animal on JSM property at any time, or allow guests to bring any animals on premises. 

4. Lessee agrees not to flush ANY item down the toilet or sinks that could cause it to become clogged.  If it should be necessary to have JSM Maintenance or a plumber unclog any toilet or sink, lessee shall be charged for the maintenance call.

5. Lessee agrees not to hang or allow laundry on balconies nor on windows and not to allow balconies, hallways or stairways to be used for storage.

6. Lessee agrees not to cause nor permit any loud boisterous noises that would be objectionable to other persons or the lessor.  All radios, televisions, stereos, etc., shall be kept at a minimum noise level at all times, especially between the hours of 10pm and 9am.

7. Lessee agrees not to permit nor allow any rubbish or waste material to accumulate in or about the premises.  Lessee also agrees to place all trash in the provided outdoor dumpsters.  Failure to do so will result in monetary fines.

8. Existing locks shall not be changed or new locks installed on the premises without the written consent of the lessor.

9. Lessee shall not access nor allow any person to access the roof of any building at any time.

10. Lessee agrees to keep the temperature within the premises at a minimum of 60 F from October 1st through March 31st during the lease term to ensure that pipes do not freeze.

11. Lessee shall not store any items on or near heating or water heating units.