We love bikes!  

JSM has bike racks at most of our buildings for the convenience of our residents. Our goal is to provide a convenient place for our residents to lock their bikes, while keeping our building safe and clean.

At move-in, you will be given a JSM bike sticker.  Attach the sticker to your bike if you park your bike at a JSM bike rack. If you lose your bike sticker, come pick another FREE one up in our office!

Bikes parked at JSM bike racks that do not have a current JSM bike sticker may be removed from the rack. Please do not lock or attach your bike to anything that is not a bike rack. Do not park your bike in hallways or common areas. Bikes parked in common areas or walkways can be fire or trip hazards and will be removed.

JSM is not responsible for any damage, loss, theft or vandalism that occurs while a bike is parked on JSM property. By parking a bike on JSM property you agree that JSM is not responsible for any damage, loss, theft or vandalism that may occur.  

JSM is not responsible for the loss of bikes or damage to bike locks removed by JSM which do not have current JSM bike stickers visibly displayed.  JSM will not compensate residents or their guests for bike locks damaged when bikes are removed.  

We have replacement bike stickers available for free in the JSM office.  If your sticker is expired, faded, damaged, if you need a new sticker for a new bike, or if you need one for a guest it is your responsibility to acquire a new bike sticker from the JSM office.  

*effective starting August 1, 2017*