Move In Check-In Sheet

Tenant Check-In Sheet.

When you move into your new apartment, you and all other lessees (roommates) will receive an email with instructions to download and complete your JSM Tenant Check-In Sheet through the mobile app SnapInspect.

Once you download and login to SnapInspect, follow the in-app prompts to complete your Check-In Sheet. 

Some things to remember when completing your Check-In Sheet:

*All Lessees will receive a copy of the email. If you have roommates, all individuals on the lease will receive a copy of the Tenant Check-In Sheet email with instructions for submitting a Check-In sheet. Only one Check-In Sheet should be submitted. JSM will only accept the first Check-In Sheet submitted for the apartment. Please walk through and record the condition of your apartment with your roommates and have one person submit the form.

*The Check-In Sheet is due within 72 hours of receiving keys. Once keys are picked up from the JSM office, you will have 3 days to complete the Tenant Check-In Sheet and submit the online form. Check-In Sheets submitted later than 72 hours of key retrieval or multiple Check-in Sheets will be considered void and will not be accepted.

*Maintenance requests must be submitted separately. The Tenant Check-In Sheet is used solely for security deposit purposes and will not be referenced to report or request maintenance repairs. To submit a maintenance request please visit the JSM website at, or to report emergency maintenance issues please call the JSM office at 217-359-6108.

*Move-In Cleaning requests must be submitted within 24 hours of receiving keys. JSM strives to have all apartments inspected and cleaned prior to your move in. If an excessive cleaning oversight was made, you must notify the JSM office within one day of receiving keys. 24-hour move-in cleaning requests can be submitted by calling the JSM office at 217-359-6108.


Trouble Shooting

If you did not receive a JSM Tenant Check-In Sheet email prior to your move-in, please be aware that Check-In Sheets are not collected for renewals. If your apartment is not a renewal, please search your junk and spam folders for the JSM email. If you still did not receive the Check-In Sheet email, let your leasing agent know at move-in. We will be able to assist and provide you with a Check-In Sheet before leaving the office!

If you are having trouble opening SnapInspect and accessing your Check-In Sheet after downloading the app, try uninstalling SnapInspect. Then, follow the email links to redownload and try again.

If you are having trouble uploading or taking pictures in the app, go to your phone's settings and authorize SnapInspect to have access to your camera, microphone, and storage. 


If you have additional questions, please contact the JSM office by emailing or calling 217-359-6108.